Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Colors In the Titles

Hello everyone! I missed last week’s TTT, which was a freebie, I had a cool theme planned but I’ll save it for the next time. This week’s topic is a simple one, books with colors in the titles, so I’ll just throw in ten examples from my TBR without much debate about each book.


Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Smile

Hello dear readers! It’s Tuesday once again, so it’s time for me to tell you about some books I love! This time it’s about the ones that made me smile, but…all books make me smile? Because they’re beautiful. ❤ Okay, not all books. So instead, I'll show you ten books that made me fold in half, cry my eyes out, slap my knee, and similar bookworm gymnastics.


Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

Hello lovelies! You may have noticed I’m lagging a bit with my posts (What’s new), but this time around it was actually a conscious decision, mainly because I haven’t been reading that much, but also because I needed time for drawing. I’m not really good at multitasking (Even though I do it all the time). Just imagine me trying to juggle 5 apples, 3 oranges, a watermelon and a cat, and dropping them all on my head.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Mindhunter

Serial murder may, in fact, be a much older phenomenon than we realize. The stories and legends that have filtered down about witches and werewolves and vampires may have been a way of explaining outrages so hideous that no one in the small and close-knit towns of Europe and early America could comprehend the perversities we now take for granted. Monsters had to be supernatural creatures. They couldn’t be just like us.