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Game Review: Chuchel

TITLE: Chuchel (PC, Android, iOS)

DEVELOPER: Amanita Design

RELEASED: March 7, 2018 (PC), TBA (Android, iOS)

PRICE: $9.99 on Steam


A Rollercoaster of Fun!

Some of my favorite games being Machinarium and Botanicula, both from the acclaimed studio Amanita Design, it’s no wonder I was super excited for their latest progeny – Chuchel (meaning – dust bunny). Amanita is an independent studio, which allows them great liberties in their games, such as crazy characters, weird story-lines, hilarious Easter eggs and beautiful artwork. They are based in Czech Republic, which explains the weird ramblings of their characters (No offense – fellow Slavic here), and once again, the amazing Czech band DVA composed the weirdly psychedelic musical score.


After several amazing games the expectations were high – but Chuchel delivered, and I can honestly say it’s worth each cent. This is the funniest game I ever played! I was constantly laughing or giggling, and at one moment both me and my boyfriend were crying – literally. The game isn’t funny in the conventional sense, there are no jokes, but everything is so ridiculous and absurd, including characters, their actions, noises they make, silly little explanation clouds, and the animated sequences. It’s impossible to contain yourself while playing it!



You play as a funny black creature called Chuchel, and the thing you prize the most in this bizarre colorful world is a huge red cherry – which constantly gets stolen. During the course of the game, you are on a quest to retrieve that cherry, but it seems everyone is out to get you.


What I spied right away is that this game isn’t linear like their previous games, instead, Chuchel is a series of gags – multiple short scenes where you solve puzzles to retrieve the cherry and then lose it again at the end. Several characters constantly stand in your way – a weird pink armadillo-like creature, Kekel, which is super annoying and reminiscent of the squirrel from Ice Age in its obsession; other characters in the game (many weird creatures); and annoying huge black hand which just swoops down on the screen from time to time whenever it looks like you’ve finally got that freaking cherry, and plucks it away from you.


Solving the puzzles is not always easy — you have to use logic, arcade skills, stealth, and when all else fails and the solution seems impossible — a question mark hint appears, and then you realize the solution is even more ridiculous, and you giggle some more.


The game is pretty short, but not if you explore every possibility – try to find the logical solution to the puzzle, and then do the other solutions first! You will be rewarded with something utterly weird for sure – Chuchel being flattened or stomped upon in every possible way; a hilarious or even creepy animated sequence; an Easter egg – the possibilities are many.


The bottom line is: in the 4,5 hours I spent playing this game I had more fun than I had in ages, so if you’re looking for a casual game that will make you laugh – this is it!

Do you like to play casual indie games? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments section! 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Game Review: Chuchel

  1. I saw that Markiplier had played this but hadn’t gotten a chance to watch. I wasn’t super interested. Now that I have read your review, it sounds adorable and I think I will go watch him play it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad my review made you interested 🙂 It’s best when you play it though, and even better when you play it with someone, it seems to be 2x funnier then 😀 I’ll check out Markiplier’s play-through, even though I wouldn’t call it the cutest game ever, but the weirdest 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Markiplier has interesting opinions of what cute is. lol. I have learned that by watching him over the years. I’ll see if I can get my boyfriend interested and maybe he’ll play with me. lol.

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  2. I love indie games! My favorite is Ori and the Blind Forest. It’s more serious than Chuchel seems to be, but it was a game I was obsessed with for a while (until I beat it)! As for funny indie games, Hand Simulator is amazing. I was in tears playing this game with some friends. The basis of the game is that you have to use your mouse and keyboard to control your character’s hands/legs. There’s a bunch of mini games to play — shooting games, fidget spinners, horror games, and my personal favorite: cow milking. I think it’s pretty cheap on Steam too, only like a couple of dollars. Well worth it, in my opinion!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh Ori and the Blind Forest is my favorite game too! I’m anxiously waiting for the sequel, and I went through the game twice, and once through a definitive edition! I’m literally obsessed with it 😀 I’ll try the Hand Simulator, sounds right up my alley, as I tried the Goat Simulator hahaha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh!!!! I don’t know anyone else who’s played it! Isn’t is amazing??? I played the game once all the way through to get 100% and started re-playing it cause I loved it so much. There’s gonna be a sequel?!??!! I had no idea! Do you know when that’s supposed to be?

        Haha, I tried the Goat Simulator too! I love those games. They’re so ridiculous. I found Hand Simulator to be even more entertaining than the goat one, especially when playing with friends.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yess I love Ori! ♥ Did you play the definitive edition? It has 2 whole new levels and new powers added 🙂 I love it, except the Ginso tree scene – it made me go mad 😀 Yes, the sequel is Ori and the Will of the Wisps and the trailer looks gorgeous ♥ Those are the only trailers that made my cry ahaha 🙂 I think it will come out later this year 🙂

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        2. I did! I bought it on Steam and it came with the original and definitive editions, but I read they were basically the same except for extra content in the definitive edition, so I opted for that one. omg, the water part was the WORST for me. I died SO. MANY. TIMES. Like, well over 30 times. It was ridiculous.

          I just watched the teaser trailer for the second one — it looks amazing! I still can’t get over how beautiful those games are. I can’t wait!!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Yes, they added new levels later and Naru’s backstory (sob sob), and a I loooved the level where you’re in total dark – that one was added later 🙂 Yes, the Ginso tree was the hardest thing I ever played, people were doing a trial and error thingy, but I solved it through my own method called zen and rage 😀 Yes, I can’t wait too, I’m in love with Ori ♥

          Liked by 1 person

        4. That one was so cool! Bahahaha, zen and rage. I swear I nearly broke everything in my house from getting so pissed at that part. I didn’t think I’d ever pass it. It’s funny cause my bf bought it for me cause he thought it looked like a nice, pretty, relaxing game. LOL.

          I’m so excited to find someone else who loves Ori too! 😀

          Liked by 1 person

        5. Hahaha, you know the Ori pain! But yeah, it’s genuinely one of my favorite games. Even with the frustration, it’s so wonderful! We’ll definitely have to discuss it when it comes out 😀

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