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Graphic Novel Review: The Lost Path


“It is said that far from the world of man, lies a cruel and mysterious forest. It lures in lost travelers with the promise of safety, only to devour them for all eternity.”

TITLE & AUTHOR: The Lost Path by Amélie Fléchais

GENRE: Graphic Novel/Fantasy/Children’s

PUBLISHED : March 28th 2018, by Lion Forge Comics




Enchanting and Beautiful

Another gorgeous graphic novel by Amélie Fléchais has finally been translated to English (the first one being The Little Red Wolf) and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I love her illustrative style, as it is both weird and magical, which is exactly my kind of thing. Her storytelling is a shade less skilled but enjoyable nonetheless.



The story starts as a haunting legend about a husband, a wife, a forest and a curse. If you ask me – the perfect beginning. We then jump to modern times, where three young boys (one of whom has a seriously overactive imagination) on a scavenger hunt get lost in the forest.



Along the way they encounter all sorts of curious creatures: a dressed-up fox looking for his bicycle; a hedgehodgey creature in search of a hat; talking animals living underground; and some monsters… Through their adventure they even get engulfed into a war between the forest spirits and the forest’s evil ruler.


This is a very interesting, tad short and beautifully illustrated fairy tale. Some of the creatures kind of reminded me of the cute cartoon Over the Garden Wall and studio Ghibli animations which I adore. All in all: short and cute, suitable for kids, but also for grown-up kids in love with fairy tales, like me. 🙂



4 stars

18 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review: The Lost Path

  1. These illustrations are gorgeous!!
    That picture with the man & woman reminds me of an animation series i watched when i was a kid. It had very similar drawing style, but with more colours, and each episode was a different folk / fairy tale.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Me too, other than the weird animals, he’s the one I liked the most 😀 Now I’m spying for the translation of her third graphic novel, and she already published the 4h, gah, wish I knew French


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