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Book Review: Hazy Dell Press Monster Series

TITLE & AUTHOR: Monster Series by Kyle and Derek Sullivan

SERIES: Monster series #1-5

GENRE: Children’s/Fantasy/Picture Books

PUBLISHED : September 11, 2018, by Hazy Dell Press





Hazy Dell Press’s Monster Series is a series of five picture-books for young kids, aimed to entertain and educate through imaginative and colorful stories filled to the brim with monsters. Monsters used to be scary, and the main reason children couldn’t fall asleep at night, but Kyle and Derek Sullivan, writer and illustrator twin brothers, try to make them fun and even include them in bedtime stories.

I thoroughly enjoyed these picture-books, especially because of the funny and cute illustrations that make even Ogres and Hobgoblins look adorable. I have a thing for monsters, and you’ll meet many of these misunderstood creatures in these five books.

1. Hush Now, Banshee!


This is an adorable counting book in which a cute but loud Banshee wants to have some fun and hang out with friends, but she ends up scaring all of them, including bog monsters, fairy warriors and even some leprechauns. Rhyming could have been a tad better, but the illustrations are too cute to mind the text.



2. Monster ABC


This is a simple ABC book where each letter is represented by a monster like Frankenstein’s monster, the Jersey Devil, a Mummy, the Loch Ness Monster, etc. The rhyming in this one is great and funny, and the monsters are adorable! There are still a few that would maybe look too scary for the youngest kids, but I enjoyed it anyway, even though I know my ABC’s.

Some are really cute!

Edit: It took me a day to figure out I haven’t put these images in. Nice work Marina, you’re killing it at this blogging thing. ๐Ÿ˜‘

While some scared even me…


3. Goodnight Krampus


In this cute bedtime story, Santa is ready to start delivering Christmas presents, and he tucks all the funny creatures to bed, but the mischievous Krampus won’t sleep! I loved the writing and the rhymes, and for a bedtime story it’s quite original!



4. Get Dressed, Sasquatch!


This is a cute and funny story about a Sasquatch who is forced to wear clothes because of the new park regulations, but the story has a funny turn of events in the end. I loved the illustrations and the characters, especially a funny bear in the background who keeps trying out a pair of underwear in any manner possible.



5. Don’t Eat Me, Chupacabra! / ยกNo Me Comas, Chupacabra!


This is a Spanish-learning book, I think? Some of the words throughout the story were translated to Spanish, and I think the choice of these words was pretty random, and often at a higher learning level than this book is aimed at. Still, I found the story was quirky – it’s about a Chupacabra who won’t eat anything but goats, and when he runs into an unfortunate goat, he then tries to feed the little Chup’ various things like fruits and fish to no avail until they find a funny solution in the end.



All in all, a quirky and cutely illustrated collection of picture books, which may not be entertaining to all kids, but I’ve enjoyed it. I just can’t resist gorgeous illustrations regardless of the story, but the fact is that these 5 books are very original and gorgeous!


About the publisher: Hazy Dell Press creates fun-oriented and imagination-driven storybooks for children, adults and wereturtles of all ages.


17 thoughts on “Book Review: Hazy Dell Press Monster Series

      1. Totally! I’ve actually started collecting children’s books. Either ones I loved as a kid or ones I come across that just look really neat. That way, if I ever have kids, I’ll already have books for them! Plus I just love reading children’s books because they’re always so fun and imaginative!

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        1. Ooooh if you’re looking for neat ones, try anything illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe, though it’s a shame some books aren’t translated in English. Haha that’s a nifty idea, though if I had kids, they would go nowhere near my illustrated Harry Potter editions. ๐Ÿ˜€ I know, children’s books are the best. โค

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        2. Yess I had to have them ๐Ÿ™‚ I had finally found a great offer on UK amazon and bought the first two, when suddenly they got translated here, and they cost less ofc. xD But I prefer having them in English so I bought the the third one for the same discount. ๐Ÿ™‚


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