Top Ten Tuesday: Frequently Used Words In Titles

For this edition of TTT, we have to list some frequently used words in titles of a certain genre or an age group. I couldn’t choose a certain genre because I don’t think I’d find five, let alone ten words, but…I did notice some overused words in book titles in general. It’s not that annoying, but not that original either, eh. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by  That Artsy Reader Girl, and every Tuesday there is a different themed post of top 10 things.



1. Daughter of:

  • The Pirate King
  • The Siren Queen
  • Smoke and Bone
  • The Forest
  • Fortune
  • The Blood

2. I’m going to cheat a bit here and throw in the other version of the daughter: Someone’s daughter.

  • The Memory Keeper’s
  • The Hangman’s
  • The Bonesetter’s
  • The Madman’s
  • The Witch’s
  • The General’s
  • The Heretic’s
  • The Sin Eater’s
  • The Baker’s
  • The Apothecary’s
  • The Blind Astronomer’s

  • This list goes on and on and on

3. The traitor’s/traitor

  • Kiss
  • Game
  • Queen
  • Prince
  • Blade
  • King’s
  • Moon
  • Emblem


4. Glass

  • Throne of
  • City of
  • Castle
  • Menagerie
  • Ink, Iron and
  • Storm
  • Sword
  • Sea
  • Spy

5. Iron

  • King
  • Daughter
  • Queen
  • Knight
  • Trial
  • Witch
  • Duke
  • Kissed
  • Traitor
  • Heart of

6. This & That

  • Blood and Bone
  • Tempests and Slaughter
  • Charm & Curse
  • Cadaver & Queen
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Siege and Storm
  • Ruin and Rising


7. The -ess

  • Everless
  • Inkmistress
  • Traceless
  • I know there’s more dammit but can’t find them.

8. Rolling in the Deep

  • The Wicked Deep
  • Sky in the Deep
  • Into the Drowning Deep
  • Rolling in the Deep (yeah there’s that too)
  • The Vicious Deep
  • Words in Deep Blue
  • Into the Deep
  • In Too Deep

9. Court

  • Of Thorns and Roses
  • Of Mist and Fury
  • Of Wings and Ruin
  • The Glittering-
  • Of Fives
  • The Foxhole-
  • Of Nightfall
  • The Shattered-

10. Born

  • Fury-
  • Bruja-
  • Witch-
  • Magic-
  • Of Water
  • -Wicked
  • Of Illusion
  • Faerie-


Well, this took too long to research, but the result is not really interesting, I don’t get this prompt really. Anyway, if one of you wants to write a novel – at least you have a list of titles/words to avoid. What do you guys think about this? Especially the ‘daughters’, come.on.

22 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Frequently Used Words In Titles

  1. Hahaha I love this! That’s it though. This is going to finally prompt me to write the novel I’ve always been dreaming of…

    The Daughter of the Fearless Witch’s Daughter Born under the Traitor’s Moon in the Court of Glass and Iron.

    NYT #1 here I come.

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      1. Absolutely! Her name will be Faeriefeyfae Sagitarrion and she will be beautiful with at least three to four shades of colour in her hair and her eyes will be a blend of grey/gold/blue/turquoise/aquamarine and chocolate brown somehow. She will have *all* the talents.

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  2. I can somewhat see the point behind this prompt, since I do come across titles where I roll my eyes and go, ah, another one of those. One of these is the ‘daughter of’ or ___’s daughter, as you noted. But I find the others harder to pin down. It’s less a single word and more the phrasing.

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  3. Great post! SO MANY DAUGHTERS. LOL. Sometimes books with similar titles can draw me away from them, especially if its similar to a book that I didn’t enjoy. I know its for marketing and whatnot but I would like to see more originality at least instead of a copy-and-paste title. :/

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    1. Thanks! That’s just the tip of the iceberg hahaha. 😀 Me too, I’m considering two of those daughters for years now, it puts me off that so many books have similar titles. :/ Not to mention the novels with the exacts same names… do your research people! Yeah, originality has disappeared lately, hope it comes back one day. 😀

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  4. Maybe THAT’S why I avoid books that sound like these titles. They’re so overused that I can’t even tell them apart anymore! I see a lot of people talking about the Court of… books and the Throne of Glass series and all those, but I just have zero interest in them because of exactly this! There are so many books out there who use the same words in their titles that it’s just so unoriginal and it just doesn’t catch my attention anymore.

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    1. Ugh I know, that’s one of the major reasons I don’t read these. Though I think some of these novels are good, despite the unfortunate titles. xD I want to read Bruja Born and the Wicked Deep which are YA’s about witches, but I won’t be surprised if I don’t end up liking them. :/


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