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Graphic Novel Review: Locke & Key, Vol. 2

6120349Their father was murdered. They don’t know one of their closest friends is really their enemy… And he’ll stop at nothing to get the key to the black door. The other keys have the power to save them. This is where they’ll make their stand.

TITLE & AUTHOR: Locke & Key Vol. 2 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez

GENRE: Graphic Novel/Horror/Fantasy

PUBLISHED : February 2015, by IDW Publishing (Volume 2)


Head Games

In case you haven’t read the first part of this awesome graphic novel, go and check out my review, because there will be some spoilers for it below. Ye have been warned.

After the introduction of the traumatized Locke family and their subsequent move to the mysterious Keyhouse, and continuing after the victory over the man who ruined their lives, Head Games delves deeper into the manor’s secrets and uncovers the true villain of this story.


As you might have gathered from the last pages of Welcome to Lovecraft, the well lady managed to get the anywhere key from unsuspecting Bode, changed her gender with another key, killed Sam Lesser, and then re-introduced herself himself as a teenager named Zack, instantly becoming friends with Ty and Kinsey. And in the very last frame, Bode fishes out a new key out of the pool – a head key.


This time, Ty and Kinsey have to believe him because they’ll witness some crazy things for themselves. Like the inside of Bode’s head. Using that key may pose a threat to the whole family, as you can use it to both put things in, and take them out of your head. Kinsey is eager to get rid of hear fears and sadness, and Ty has some major school work to catch up on, and a girl to impress. The worst mistake for them is showing the key and its effects around, because there’s one person more than eager to use it for wicked things.


In this volume we get more backstory on Zack, aka Lucas Caravaggio, who was years ago a part of a gang which, among others, included the kids’ father, Randall, and Ellie Whedon, the high school coach Zack is now staying with and using for his own sinister purpose. Zack starts covering up his tracks quickly, as Ellie isn’t the only one who remembers him. And what better way for that than to use the anywhere key, which can lead him to any place in the world he can clearly visualize, and by growing closer to the kids and the manor hiding a whole bunch of other magical keys.


I won’t spill more, because this is a graphic novel you just have to read! And you should do it soon, becauseee…I have some news for all the fans of Locke & Key! Well, the news are more than a month old, but I’m always late to the party. Netflix has officially picked up L&K as series!!! It seems that the production was stalled, dragged and passed on for years, so I became a fan at just the right moment hehe. Andy Muschietti, the director of IT, was supposed to direct, but as he’s too busy with IT2 now, he’ll produce, anyway I’m glad he’s on board. Read more here. My comment on this? AARGHARAGHAG!!!


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