Top Ten Tuesday: Bookstores I’ve Always Wanted to Visit

Hi dear bookworms! Another TTT and another great topic to express our deepest bookish desires! This week’s prompt is Bookstores I’ve Always Wanted to Visit, which is great for me, as I’ve only ever visited local bookstores in Serbia, and only a handful abroad. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by  That Artsy Reader Girl, and every Tuesday there is a different themed post of top 10 things.


1. The definite number one on my list is of course Barnes & Noble. It is like an imaginary dreamland for me, which I’ll never ever visit but will always yearn for, eh…


2. Another imaginary dreamland for me is Waterstone’s. This one is more achievable though, so I hope to visit some day.


3. If I ever visit Paris, I know that my first stop will be Shakespeare & Company. Not only because of the wonderful selection, but because of the shop’s colorful history and gorgeous looks.


4. I have multiple reasons to visit Inverness, Scotland, so if I ever do, one of my stops will definitely be Leakey’s second-hand bookshop.


5. This one is probably on everyone’s list, which is no wonder because The House of Books in Saint Petersburg, Russia is a dream.


6. Another gorgeous bookstore I’d love to visit is Ler Devagar in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a bookish heaven.


7. Just because I adore Portugal, I’ll add another one to visit there, this time in Porto. Livraria Lello & Irmão is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, you can’t argue that.


8. Another gorgeous second-hand bookstore I’d love to ransack is Richard Booth’s Bookshop in Hay-On-Wye, Wales. This amazing store is also a host to the annual Hay Literary Festival.


9. Would you love to read in a 700-year-old former Dominican church? I sure would! On my next trip to Netherlands, I’ll make sure to visit Dominicanen in Maastricht, a place straight out of a fairy tale.


10. And because I adore Netherlands, I’ll put a bookstore I actually did visit, but I’ll definitely go there again. The American Book Center is located in Amsterdam (There’s a store in Hague too), and it’s simply marvelous. This spiral bookstore is huge, and has the best selection of comics and books in English.



This is certainly not it, I’d love to visit each single bookstore in the world, but these 10 are on the top of my wish list. Have you guys ever visited one of these stores and what was it like? Have a great week everyone! ❤

28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookstores I’ve Always Wanted to Visit

  1. Oh, wow! Wonderful selection of bookstores! The only one I’ve ever been to from your list is Barnes & Noble because we have a ton of them over here. I like them, but the other places you listed are just breathtaking and charming! I’d love to visit them, too. Fantastic post! ❤

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  2. Shakespeare & Company is such a gorgeous little corner. I had the chance to visit it last June (I only had a few hours in Paris before catching my flight and decided to visit it with a few bookworm friends) and it’s beautiful. It has such a great selection of books.

    Happy readings! 😉
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

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  3. They’re all so pretttyyyyyyy. It’s funny that Barnes & Noble is on this list. I guess I just take it for granted cause there are 2? 3? I’m not sure how many near me, but I never even go there, lol. They’re so generic. Plus I never buy new books anymore. There’s an interesting bookstore in Atlanta that I want to go to sometime. Some of my friends have gone and they have a little archway made of books!

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    1. I knooow. :3 Haha yep, as I said to Gerry for Waterstones, you’re lucky you don’t live in Serbia. 😛 I love the B&N knickerbocker and leather bound classics and if I was rich I’d buy them all! For now I have one. :/ Oooh if you go – take some pictures! 🙂


  4. Waterstones are just standard. In terms of books they will have everything but they are a chain (I love them but they are standard!) The others are something special though and I’ve seen that Portugal one crop up on a few places. Can I just say how glad I am that you include Hay? Hay is just such a gorgeous little place and I love it. If you ever do a tour of Britain you must let me know!!

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  5. So many gorgeous ones! You’ll get to a Barnes and Noble someday, for sure 😉 I worked in one for a few years when I was in college. They’re great for the stock they have but they’ve got nothing on all the unique, beautiful ones you posted here. I’m SO disappointed that I somehow missed that one in St. Petersburg when I was there, ugh! You’re giving me lots of travel inspiration here.

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  6. Those bookstores are so perfect😍 I hope one day I can go to all those countries haha One I really want to visit is The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, have you heard about it? The creativity with the books is amaziing😍

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