Best of

Best of 2018

As is the common case with me, here comes another belated post! I’ve read a large number of awesome books in 2018 so this was a really difficult choice! Unlike last year, where I did a best-of by genres, this year I decided to do a combination of that and an idea I stole got from Gerry @ The Book Nook UK, which is…book awards! Yay! Let us begin:



This would be perfectly fine if…my 2018 goal wasn’t 60 books. :/ This was the first time I failed my goal since I started the challenge in 2013, so it got me kind of depressed, but I decided I won’t worry so much about simple things anymore. My goal for 2019 is 50 books and I’ll take it easy.


As you can see, I haven’t ready any “long” books in 2018, but this year I will, and I’ve already started a 1500+ pages novel. *scaryIknow* I will also continue to read short stories such as The Lottery, because short stories are life and I’ll continue to add those to my challenge because they deserve it!


I totally get the popularity of To Kill a Mockingbird, it’s a classic after all, but what I don’t get is why people don’t read more short stories? 😦 Triquetra is a creepy Gothic story free to read on and I recommend it to all horror/Gothic fans!


This is no surprise either as these graphic novels are something I LOVED and will read them over and over again! You can read my reviews of the first two parts here and here.


I’ve been known to give certain books more stars than they deserve, but ever since I started blogging I’ve become more critical towards lousy plots/characters etc., which actually means I had a terrific reading year! Honestly, I’ve read SO many amazing books, which makes this next and final part of my year in review the hardest.

I thought it would be fun to make the whole thing as a picture, so I did just that! I should probably warn you that many of these books fall into more than one category, and should have won many awards, but if you’ve read them you already know that. 🙂



And that’s it, hope you loved my year in review! Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? Enough to sort them into a best of list? Please do me a favor and link your own year in review posts or let me know which books you loved the most, I’d love to hear!

P.S. You can find reviews of most of the books mentioned here on my blog and/or Goodreads profile.



9 thoughts on “Best of 2018

  1. Hehehe! I’m glad I inspired you! Obviously I adore Uprooted and I really enjoyed Seven Deaths. I actually downloaded A Human Stain and Triquetra based on your recommendations and hopefully I’ll get to those when I can clear some others!

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  2. I feel so called out by this post cause I don’t understand why I don’t read more short stories either. I mean they’re free, short and wonderful, what’s not to love?

    I love Lyra so much ❤️ You’re lucky you still have new adventures with her to look forward to! And I’m so glad you love the Fairyland series so much, Catherynne M. Valente is my favorite!

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    1. Don’t feel called out in a bad way! If you’re interested, there are TONS of good short stories on! 🙂 Thank you, hehe, Lyra appreciates it! 🙂 Ahh me too, I just don’t want to read the series too soon because then I’ll cry. :/


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