Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All)

TTT! I haven’t done this in ages! This week’s topic is actually pretty interesting! Since I mostly read fantasy, the settings are often fantastical and imaginary, so I feel like I can list just about anything here? Truth is, I do “feel better” in some settings more than others, and when I read historical fiction I love some countries more than others, usually those which are less written about. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by  That Artsy Reader Girl, and every Tuesday there is a different themed post of top 10 things.

1. Scotland, and its surrounding islands.

I guess there are many books set in this area, but I’ve only read several, so if you know a good one feel free to leave me a recommendation! There’s just something about the foresty, foggy islands that feels utterly magical, doesn’t it? I instantly imagine mermaids, selkies and kelpies, and would you know it, they are usually the central characters of the books I’ve read.


2. Forests.

Who doesn’t like a creepy forest? Okay, it can also be a magical forest, but usually the creepiness overwhelms. We can call it a wilderness, in a wider sense, but a forest is more claustrophobic. This is one of my favorite settings, and it’s perfect for a horror or a mystery novel, and it works quite well in fantasy too. Know of any creepy forest books? Hit me.


3. Lands inspired by Russia/Russia in fantasy.

So either Russia in fantasy, or its fantastical counterpart like Ravka. I’m especially interested in fictional Russia lookalikes which play with and further explore the Russian folklore. I’ve read several takes on this which truly impressed me, so I’d love to read more more more.


4. Haunted house.

I just need every horror book to have a haunted house please? It can be just a teeny-weeny bit haunted, not all the way. Seriously though, we all fear the unfamiliar, that’s just how we’re wired, but when the familiar goes and turns all murdery on you? Doors opening on their own accord, scratchy noises coming from the attic, lights going on and off, now that’s creepy.


5. A single, claustrophobic location.

There is something even more creepy being confined in a small space, especially if you’re claustrophobic. It can also be a fresh and interesting take on a novel, pronouncing author’s abilities even more, because they’re limited to a single scene. Unfortunately, I’ve only read one such book, so I’d love some recs? I did watch several movies revolving around a single house/room/car/grave lol, and I find it changes the experience completely.


6. Parallel words (Set on top of each other).

This is very specific, so basically Londons in Darker Shades of Magic haha. I loved that idea so so much, and I’d love to read something like it, if it exists? It’s very interesting how all four Londons are so different, and how the characters can hop from one to the other (Only if you’re Antari b***h).


7. Netherlands in the 17th century. Dutch golden age.

Whether in historical fiction or in a fantasy, I love Netherlands. Actually, I adore Netherlands IRL, so I guess that’s why I love reading about it? Also, they have the most beautiful streets ever, so I’m actually surprised more people haven’t used it as an inspiration for a movie or a book. Historical mysteries/thrillers set in Netherlands, anyone? I need more.


8. Iceland.

I’ve only read one novel set in Iceland and I fell in love with it. It’s so gloomy and atmospheric, right up my alley. Not that Iceland is generally gloomy, it’s a gorgeous country which I adore, but when you have only a few hours of daylight in winter, creepy things are bound to happen.


9. Dreams.

Lol I know, right? I am currently on a Sandman binge, so that’s why this popped into my mind. I don’t think it’s a really good idea for a whole novel to happen in a dream, but I can see some crazy stuff happening in dream state.


10. Faerie.

By now you probably realize how crazy I like my books. By Faerie, I don’t really mean just any land where fairies happen to live. I prefer the true, wicked Fae, you know the ones who steal your wee babies and play similar tricks on unsuspecting humans. Give me wicked, give me crazy, give me Fae and I’m there.



So that’s that, I’m officially back, my blog is up and running and I won’t let it die again! Which settings do you like the most, or which settings do you think are not used enough in literature? Let me know, and if you have any good recs for some of the above – you know my TBR mountain needs more and more and more books. ❤

Sidenote —–> Some of you might remember the last time I peaked out of my hole I mentioned how I missed my 1st bloggiversary (Tears) and that I plan on giving away some bookmarks designed by yours truly. I still plan on doing that, and I’m thinking 500 followers milestone would be a perfect opportunity for that, since I’m not that far off, and I’ll think of more goodies to give away when it happens!

Sidenote #2 —–> Do you guys have a bookstagram? Should I make one? Will you follow me? I’ve been using my personal Instagram for that, and not a lot, but I’m thinking of making one specifically for my blog, and devoting more time and attention to it, it should be fun?!

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like to See More Of (Or At All)

  1. Omg Scotland is a wonderful choice! I’m so here for that! I should have added it to my list lol 😂 Ooooo a haunted house sounds pretty intriguing! It will probably freak me out cuz I scare easily but I think it’s a great setting for multiple plot layers like mysteries! Awesome list!

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  2. Seriously fabulous answers! I am so whipped for a good creepy forest; Bear and the Nightingale kinda fits the criteria, but man, Uprooted really hit all the right spots in terms of creeping me out. 😀 (Speaking of BATN, Russian settings are amazing!!)

    Claustrophobic location is a good one btw! It really does force an author to get creative with their plots and descriptions, and if done well, it’s REALLY done well.

    Ooh, parallel worlds I love, or more specifically, alternate realities slash magical realism? I don’t know, it’s much easier for me to get immersed since there are familiar elements already. 😉

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    1. Thank you! 😊 Yup, Uprooted was amazing, I can’t wait to read Spinning Silver! Russian settings are the best 😍

      I know, right! It requires hard work, hopefully I’ll run into another book like that. 😊

      Magical realism is amazing, have you read Alice Hoffman? No parallel worlds, but magical realism at its best 😊

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      1. No, I have not read Alice Hoffman! She wasn’t on my TBR at all, but you’ve officially just convinced me to check her out. 😊

        Oh, and I can’t wait to read Spinning Silver either! I’ve heard it’s not as great as Uprooted, but still, you never know! 😉

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        1. Aww glad to give a fellow a good recommendation. 🙂 I’ve only read 3 books by her, I’m kind of safekeeping the others for a perfect time to read. My favorite is Practical Magic, which is totally different from the movie (Which I love too), then there’s the prequel to it: Rules of Magic, I’ve reviewed it here on my blog, and The Museum of Extraordinary Things, which is a dark tale about a mermaid and a circus. You won’t go wrong with any of these, and I heard Faithful is excellent too, that will be my next one. 🙂

          Nooo why did you say that haha. 😀 I still have high hopes as it’s a Rumpelstiltskin retelling, and I love that tale, fingers crossed! 🙂


  3. Oooh!! I know a fantasy novel where the worlds are stacked on top of each other AND one of the stacks is a Faerie world!! (And it was written by a debut author and it was pretty good!) Check out The Girl Who Feel by Violet Grace. It’s the first book in the Chess Raven Chronicles.

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  4. Ahh! I second all of those except haunted houses and single locations because I’m too much of a chickenshit! But seriously, would love more Slavic mythology! I feel like I know everything about Greek/Roman and some Nordic but barely anything about mine!
    It’s not exactly what you had in mind but have you read the Kate Daniels Series? It’s more Urbaney but the MC is Russian and while there are many mythologies explored the Slavic one appears quite often 🙂

    My TTT:

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    1. Haha, well a single location can also be used in a drama or a thriller, but I get why it would freak you out. 😀 Yes! I totally agree! I love mythology but Slavic one is totally not used enough! Where are you from? Can you by any chance read in Serbian? Because if you can, there is an amazing set of 4 books on Slavic mythology with awesome illustrations, I adore those books!

      I haven’t, but I’ll definitely check it out! Sounds interesting. 🙂

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      1. I tend to freak out if I have to stay in one place for long times so for me it would be too frustrating to read lol
        I’m from Poland and sadly no :c But if you give me the title I can check if there’s a translation available?

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        1. Ahh, well I’m 99% sure there isn’t a translation, but I’ll give you a taste at least, 1st book Prognana Bica (Banished Creatures) There is a PDF preview on the far right, second link from the top. 2nd book Vile i Zmajevi (Faeries and Dragons) 3rd book Buntovnici (Rebels) and 4th book O Biljkama, Zivotinjama i Predelima (Of Plants, Animals and Landscapes) Hopefully this gives you a taste, and I really hope they translate them to English one day 🙂

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  5. You should TOTALLY make a bookstagram account! You know I’ll follow you 😀 Also I’m really curious about that Darker Shades of Magic series. I’ve never read it, and I had no idea what it was about, but multiple Londons?? I’m interested!

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