Saturday Aesthetic #3 – The Brides of Rollrock Island

Here comes my third try at the blatant promotion of a book I love doing something creative. 😂 I hope you guys liked the first and the second aesthetic I made, cause I’ll keep doing these, it’s fun! It’s quick too, unless you get stuck in the black hole of Pinterest, which can happen in a blink of an eye. I’m posting these aesthetics on the last Saturday of each month, and if anyone wants to join in – feel free! 🙂 No rules, just put together a collage of photos expressing the mood of a certain book, add quotes if you want and that’s it! If you don’t know how/where to make this type of thing – it’s easier than you think! Hit me up in the comments and I’ll help you.

For this month’s aesthetic I chose The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan – one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors. And it’s about selkies! But dark. Tread carefully here. The setting is imaginary, but it has a strong feel of the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland, which I’m crazy for. My mood board will be a bit sparse, because I have an awful memory and have forgotten most of the details, time for a re-read I guess!



Saturday Aesthetic #3





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