Round Up

August Round-up

Here comes my first real round-up since forever! Now I actually have something to round up! This whole month was a hell for me – as in way too hot. I don’t do well under pressure, or heat, and I don’t have an AC. So I’ve mostly been up late (Not the late you think of, way later.), when it’s cooler and darker, and I can actually do things. I might be a bat. I won’t declare my mega reading slump of 2019 (As it will be formally known.) over yet, I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve been reading a lot, and I’m gearing up for way more. How eloquent.


What I’ve Read in August + September TBR


I have read 5.5 books in August! *Dancing may commence* That is almost more than I’ve read from January to July. *Cries in Spanish* I am on a mission to catch up on my reading goal on Goodreads, which I won’t even mention until I am zero books behind. I also did a classic, stupid thing and requested many, many ARCs, and got approved. So I plan to tackle those next month, God help me. Here’s what I’ve read:



I know myself very well and I know I can’t stick to a TBR, even if it just contains a pamphlet. So, I will list some books here and hopefully I’ll get it done and come out alive on the other side.



Let us hope for the best.


If I did something right in August, that would be mindless Netflix bingeing, yay! First I watched the final season of Orange is the new black, and god I love that show so much, and I’m so sad it’s over, but better it’s now than when it starts to suck, right? I finally watched the last season of The Walking Dead, and oh my I cried. I agree the show’s not getting any better, but I still love it and I’ll continue watching. I am waiting for my boyfriend to watch Terror S2, Dark S2, and Stranger Things S3, so more on that another time, but the highlight of my month was definitely Mindhunter S2. It’s such a good show, especially for crime/true crime lovers, which I am, like so am. I watched it in two sittings and now I’m sad.


Umm, not much happened in August, except for it being unbearably hot, and ugly weather gets me way down, whether it’s too hot or cold. I need fall so bad you guys! The only thing I did besides existing and reading was going to our capital, Belgrade, to visit my best friend because this month was her birthday. We had fun, beer and nice food, and we visited the Kalemegdan fortress, where we stumbled upon a medieval torture museum, which was obviously a must, so here are some pictures!



It way really creepy but fun! So that’s that, hopefully September will be better (And colder, please). To finish up, here’s a picture of Lyra, she says meow!


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