Music Monday: Wolfnote – Coffin Head

Music Monday is a weekly post by Drew@The Tattooed Book Geek, where you share a song you love. On a Monday. 🙂


Wolfnote: Coffin Head


Think I need a good scare again, maybe,
Cause I’ve been sleepin’ too comfortably lately.
It’s better than ether to greet her with a toothy grin,
She doesn’t care if I meet her and smother her in sin.
Trouble’s an hour glass with diamond eyes and
When she landed she saw only blood red skies.

I’ll turn some of my blood into wine,
Get that vampire love drunk in this coffin of mine.
You could cut me let it spill out red hot,
well drink it up cause, it’s all I’ve got .

I’ll leave you buried down there and you,
You won’t see me again dear.
Naked, I’ve got nothing left to lose or shed to leave now forever,
In this wooden bed.

I try to take my mind of you but
Worrying about money won’t quite do.
And it’s a start but so was being born.
Now I know just what, a heart is for.

We were up in arms again, this time you took harm instead
I am walking alone, thinking it’s over and we’re over.
“Same time, same grave”, you said.
I closed my eyes and I rubbed them red and
I’m standing over your last plot
Wondering when your heart began to rot.

You won’t see me again,
Only coffins in your head.
She never saw me coming out,
She never saw me.


Taken from the album: Wolfnote (2013)


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