Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits I Love

Another Tuesday is upon us, and yet another cool TTT topic by Jana! This time we’re talking about the character traits we love. Or the ones I love haha. What makes a perfect character? I guess it’s different for each reader, but we can all agree that certain traits are goddamn awful and I’m sure we’ll all skip those in our lists! Now that I think about it, it would be so much easier making a list of the traits I hate haha, but this time I’ll stick to the topic. 🙂

I love my characters:

1. Wild


If a character is a poised prude, I’m more likely do dislike them. Obviously, I’m far from being wild, so I live vicariously through my characters. 😀

Good examples: Diana from The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, Lyra from His Dark Materials.

Tiffany Diep
Art by: Tiffany Diep

2. Cautious


Recklessness is one of my least favorite traits, so by default I like cautious characters. But not too cautious, mind you, just enough to use their common sense and avoid plain stupid situations.

Good examples: Inej from Six of Crows, Sherlock Holmes

Kevin Wada
Art by: Kevin Wada

3. Loyal


I appreciate loyalty in real life too, and a whole lot. So I love when my favorite characters don’t betray their friends and family, even in the most dangerous situations.

Good examples: Severus Snape from Harry Potter, Sam from Lord of the Rings

Francisco Guerrero
Art by: Francisco Guerrero

4. Adaptive


Characters who can quickly adapt to any situation are rare, but I love them. I’m using adaptive as a broad term, including the characters who can turn a situation to their own profit too.

Good examples: Kaz from Six of Crows, Claire from Outlander

All Worlds Creations
Art by: All Worlds Creations

5. Confident


Confidence can often be a downfall of a character, but I still gather it’s much better than questioning yourself and your actions all the time, because that quickly turns into incompetence and whine.

Good examples: Jonathan Strange from Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell, Granny Weatherwax from Discworld series

Art by: Paul Kidby

6. Smart


Well, I don’t really appreciate stupid characters, do you?

Good examples: Lady Jane Grey from My Lady Jane, Hermione from Harry Potter

Clari Cabral
Art by: Clari Cabral

7. Independent


Yeah I don’t like characters who drag others down either. I mean, cooperation is one thing, but when a character totally depends on another one, or a whole bunch of them, then they aren’t going to go far.

Good examples: Arya from A Song of Ice and Fire, Nancy Drew from the Nancy Drew Mysteries

Art by: Munette

8. Determined


If you want to achieve something, you have to have will, passion and determination. And since most characters actually do something in the books, well.

Good examples: September from Fairyland series, Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire

Ross Tran
Art by: Ross Tran

9. Daring

Like one of my TV idols said, “He who dares wins.” and I couldn’t agree more! Whatever it is you want, you’ll have to dare and cross some boundaries and maybe even corpses to get there.


Good examples: Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic, Cersei from A Song of Ice and Fire

Angela de Vito
Art by: Angela de Vito

10. Curious


I don’t like characters who are total planks, and besides, how you’re gonna go adventuring if you’re not at least a bit curious about the world?

Good examples: Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Death from Discworld series

Couldn’t find the artist :S


If all these traits combined I think that would make one hell of a character, but I hardly doubt there’s such a character in literature. 😀 Which traits do you guys appreciate? What makes a great character in your own opinion? What makes a lousy one, while we’re at it? Have a great week everyone!

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits I Love

  1. Oh, YES TO ALL OF THOSE!!! To be honest, I wanted to mention some of those as well but I ran out of space lol. I guess, I just love too many characters…

    I always try to mention something I especially loved but I love everything here lol. Great post!! ❤

    My TTT

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    1. Hehe thanks! Yup, I was short with space too, there are so many good qualities that make a character. 🙂 Hehe thanks, I took time to mention most of my favorite characters, though some sadly don’t fit in here. 😀 I’ll check yours too, thank you! ❤

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