Best of

Best of 2019

As promised, here comes the belated ‘Best of’ post for 2019! Which is, basically, an award ceremony hosted by yours truly. Not as popular or trending as Golden Globes, but you know you’ve been waiting for this thing for a whole year, right? Right?! *silently crying*

Anyway, this one has been much harder to do than the 2018 one. Why, you ask? Well, because I read basically nothing. Thirty books?? It’s one of the most shameful moments of my blogging career. But, even so, I’ve managed to scrape and pick out some amazing novels which deserve a mention. And an award. Let us begin.



Yeah, ahem. My original goal was actually 50 books, but I quickly realized that ain’t happening. So instead of failing my goal again and making myself miserable, I decided to cut it down. A bit. I don’t consider this cheating, as you can always adjust the goal, so up yours Good Reads!


Actually, my copy of The Fiery Cross is 1500+ pages, so that’s one of the reasons for my 2019 reading blockage. But I finished the beast, so that means something, right? This year, I’ll try to be more careful around these tempting monsters.


Of course a King is the most popular book I’ve read, because I only read either well known books or totally obscure ones. What I can’t not notice here is that not enough people read comics. Read comics people! They’re short and fun!


Same as last year, the highest rated book I read is a comic. And I mean, it’s a good one, so no wonder for this rating. Continuing my comic crusade, I need to tell you guys that Sandman is coming to Netflix soon(ish), and do I really need to tell you to read the comics first? They’re great! Go read!


Yeah, I’ve been generous again, possibly too generous, but that’s just how I am. It’s very hard for me to rate a book with two or one star, unless it’s truly a horrible piece of fiction.

As last year, here is a neat infographic because people love pictures, right? Well I do haha.



And that is my year in review! 2019 wasn’t the best one, but it’s behind me now and hopefully 2020 will be more productive and interesting! Have you read any of these books? Love/hate them? Which were your 2019 favorites? Link your post in the comments, if you did one, if you didn’t then talk to me! ❤

P.S. You can find reviews of most of the books mentioned here on my blog and/or Goodreads profile.

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