Guys please check your spam comments :'(


I’m not one for begging and posting this kind of content so I’ll pull it off after a couple of days, but I’m legitimately pissed. Akismet has been marking all the comments I post on your blogs as spam lately so it’s as if I’m talking to a wall. I’ve been trying to blog-hop after my long absence, and I just thought none of you were interested in answering me, but then one blogger (Thanks Elara @Spellbookworm!) noticed my comment in her spam and I decided to investigate.


Almost all of the comments I posted in the last couple of days are gone -.- It took some googling, but this seems to be a common issue where Akismet messes up and starts marking all comments from one person as spam. I’ve sent a ticket and hopefully it will be resolved soon, but for now – please check your spam? 😦 It seems that once you unmark my comment, the next one I post won’t go to spam. Thank you guys and have a lovely day!

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