Top Ten Tuesday: (Devastating) Love Freebie

Oh… no. Hello everyone. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you must know that I am not a romantic person. Far from it. I don’t even acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Ummm. I don’t read romance novels and I don’t like romantic movies. I’m as romantic as a horseshoe. So what to do, do I click delete on this one and run away? Nah, I’m up for a challenge! Even though I find Hallmark movies vomit-inducing, and I’d prefer a book over roses any day, I still do have feelings.

Except my feelings almost always awake once the romance becomes endangered to the point of death. I love devastating love, am I a psychopath? (I did the test – no I’m not). Anyway, let’s do this. I’m going to list 10 fictional couples I truly love, and over whom I’ve probably cried a bit, if not straight bawled. I do that sometimes. These will be both bookish, movie and TV couples, as I don’t read romance that much. At all. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by  That Artsy Reader Girl, and every Tuesday there is a different themed post of top 10 things.

A Game of Thrones disclaimer: As you see, the first three spots are taken by the characters from my favorite show of all times. I’m writing this pretending the last season of the show doesn’t exist, and I will keep pretending.

1. Jon & Ygritte (GoT)



Their love was forbidden and unexpected, but still they fell madly in love into each other, and both were prepared to abandon their principles and allegiances to stay together, but I guess it was never meant to be. I cried my eyes over this, but it had to be this way, and I do get a happy ending because Kit and Lesley are happily married now.

2. Dany & Drogo (GoT)




Gahh, I know who I’d like to kill. I don’t think Drogo’s death was actually necessary, except to make Daenerys what she is, but I still hope the omens from the books will give us Drogo back, because there’s no point in making a bunch of premonitions and not fulfilling only one. There’s no other true love for Daenerys.

3. Lyanna & Rhaegar (GoT)



Where to start with this one? Their love was forbidden too, but as they kept it secret and both of them died, nothing kept the evil tongues from turning this love story into a horrifying tragedy. Thankfully, the truth came out and we found out that instead of through horror, Jon was conceived in tragic true love. That was the real reveal, since we all already knew the R+L=J theory was true.

4. Arwen & Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)



This whole thing of love bigger than life and time itself is utterly painful. Arwen and Aragorn are only meant to be if she gives up the eternal life, and she does, and they end up together, but do you know who these characters are inspired by? By Beren and Lúthien, another human and elf with a similar story, who are actually the ancestors of Arwen and Aragorn in the same universe. And in turn, Beren and Lúthien were inspired by the love of Tolkien himself, and his wife Edith, whom he loved immensely, after their deaths, only two years apart, names of Beren and Lúthien were inscribed on their headstones. *ugly crying*

5. Jamie & Claire (Outlander)



Speaking of true love, for me the epitome of it in literature is the love of Jamie Frasier and Claire Randall. Love that spans time, space, multiple marriages, and numerous difficulties and tragedies, but Jamie and Claire do find each other in the end. I only finished book 5 though, so who knows what’s coming for them.

6. Alan & Ruth (Castle Rock)




Castle Rock is a fictional Stephen King universe, weaving new narratives with some of King’s best novels, and at the center of season one are Ruth and Alan. Castle Rock explores parallel universes, but Ruth has the ability to step through them, and in a tragic series of events, her love with Alan starts in the same moment as it ends. This reveal killed me and made me bawl for 15 straight minutes. Go watch this show.

7. Cecilia & Robbie (Atonement)



Atonement is one of my favorite movies, and I haven’t read the book yet, no, but I plan to! In any case, their story is the same, tragic one – nipped in its very beginning by a cruel, childish lie of Cecilia’s younger sister. Through war and terror they are separated, and even though the truth does come out in the end, it is far too late. Cecilia and Robbie have spent years apart because of a cruel little lie.

8. Bridget & Mark (Bridget Jones’s Diary)



Even in this hilarious series, love can be cruel. Through both of their insecurities, pride, and foolishness, Mark and Bridget lose years they could have spent together, only for Bridget to lose Mark forever once they’ve finally realized they belong together. The movie version of Bridget Jones’s Baby gives us a happy ending though.

9. Jake & Sadie (11.22.63)



I haven’t read the book yet, but I will have to, because I adore the mini series that came out of it. Jake goes back to past to save president Kennedy, and there in 1960’s he falls in love with Sadie. The problem is, whenever Jake messes up in the past, he comes back to present time to reset the loop, and with it all the time spent with Sadie is gone. In the end, Jake has to make a choice, erasing himself forever from Sadie’s memory.

10. Joel and Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)



Another one of my favorite movies, one of the top 5 in fact, plays with our heads too. Joel goes through a process to erase his love Clementine from his memory, and she does the same, but it’s harder than they imagined. Destiny has its way, and Joel meets Clem all over again, starting the same relationship they already had all over again. Once they find out about the memory erasure, they still choose to stay together and go through everything again, because they choose to overcome the obstacles as they’re meant to be together.


These are some of my favorite fictional couples, and each time I watch these movies/shows or read the books, I ugly cry like it’s the first time. True love has its obstacles and complexities, but however long it lasts it is something truly special. Who are your favorite fictional couples? Do you think true love exists? Talk to me in comments and have a lovely week! ❤


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: (Devastating) Love Freebie

  1. Oh Atonement – ouch! I’m the opposite to you, haven’t watched the movie but I’ve read the book. It’s just not a happy one at all is it? I’m not usually a fan of Ian McEwan at all and I don’t know why but I actually enjoyed Atonement very much.

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