Saturday Aesthetic #6 – Northern Lights

It’s the end of February, and so I’m posting another aesthetic I made for a book I love! You can see the last month’s mood board here, and you can find the rest of them by going through my home page > bookish > memes, or, through the Saturday Aesthetic tag below this post. I’m doing these aesthetics on the last Saturday of each month, and if anyone wants to join in – feel free! 🙂 No rules, just put together a collage of photos expressing the mood of a certain book, add quotes if you want and that’s it! If you don’t know how/where to make this type of thing – it’s easier than you think! Hit me up in the comments and I’ll help you.

For February, I chose Northern Lights, the first part of His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. It’s a winter book, even though we hadn’t had a real winter over here in ages. I’ll try to summon winter in my mood board below, and show you the magic that hides in this amazing book.



Saturday Aesthetic #6




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