Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’d Have at My Bookish Party

Hello nerds! I’m a day late as I had a busy day yesterday. This week’s TTT topic is a dream come true for us paper-loving, candle-sniffing, bookmark-collecting bookworms, am I right? This kind of party would be a dream come true for my 29-year-old book loving soul, but in the hard, cold reality, it would be more appropriate for a child, I guess? Oh well. My friends know I’m weird and I’m not going to let my inner child die, ever, so it’s an actual possibility I’ll host this kind of party in the future! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl, and every Tuesday there is a different themed post of top 10 things. Let’s get this party started:


1. Blog friends

First, I need my well-read buddies. I cannot host illiterates.


These people are the only kind that would enjoy this kind of party, and not laugh at me, so, I really need them.

2. Invitations


Actually, this is the first step. If you want people coming, that is. Also, this is the perfect way of setting the tone, and announcing the cool activities and the dress code. Of course, the invitation would be reusable as a bookmark.

3. Book-themed cocktails

Since we’re all adults, and it is a party, we need alcohol. While I’m personally a huge fan of beer and wine, I find that cocktails work best for parties, especially literary ones. What’s more nerdy than a pun heheheee.

4. Food

If we drink, we need to eat, else we get sick. Of course nothing can be basic, we bookworms are extra, so we need literary food. Thankfully, each major fandom has a cookbook! Also, not because we’re swine, but because we’re posh and literate, we obviously need seven meals, like Hobbits.

5. Costumes


I mean, we need to dress up for a party, and what better than a costume? A book character costume??? We bookworms are also known to love Halloween and nerdiness, so.

6. Music


We’re not going to read because that would be just awkward, everyone sitting in a corner, trying not to listen to others’ breathing noises. We’re going to dance, or at least sway or something. Book adaptation soundtracks can be casually played in the background, even though they’re awkward to dance to.

Don’t worry, no weapons allowed, especially crossbows.

7. Decoration

If people are coming over, you bet I’ll decorate, it’s a theme party duh. Nice decorations raise spirit and provide conversational topics. Everyone would get a party hat and a name tag, and I’d put books everywhere! Except near food and drink.


8. Games

Other than dancing and chatting, the main activity of the party would be board games! I’m guessing all bookworms love board games, not just me? Other than the usual ones like Cluedo, I’ve found some cool bookish ones:

9. Photo shoot

We would organize a photo shoot, with printed props, so everyone has a photo to take home as a memory of this glorious nerdy day.


10. Gift boxes

Of course, everyone would get a goodie bag to take home, containing items like bookmarks, bookish pins, literary candles, candy and such.


Would you come to my ultimate nerd party? Do you think you’d have a good time, or this is destined to flop?I think I’d have fun at a party like this, but the outcome also depends on the host, right? I would give my best, and hopefully you’d leave entertained! Have a great week bookworms!

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