Saturday Aesthetic #6 – Northern Lights

It’s the end of February, and so I’m posting another aesthetic I made for a book I love! You can see the last month’s mood board here, and you can find the rest of them by going through my home page > bookish > memes, or, through the Saturday Aesthetic tag below this post.

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Locke & Key Readathon #2: Crown of Shadows + Keys to the Kingdom

Hello everyone! As you might remember from my first post in this series, I said I’ll review issues 3-6 separately, buuut then I decided against it. I didn’t want to do five posts on these comics, so I decided to do two by two and turn it into a three post series. Hopefully you’re still here after my math 101.

Book Reviews

Locke & Key Readathon #1: Welcome to Lovecraft + Head Games

As promised, yesterday I started a Locke & Key readathon in anticipation of the Netflix show coming on February 7th. I’m reading one novel per day, finishing on the 6th, just before the series! This is a re-read, as I’ve read these novels two years ago, but I only did reviews for the first two volumes, Welcome to Lovecraft and Head Games.